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prince-180dElectrocardiography (ECG or EKG[1] from Greek: kardia, meaning heart[2]) is the recording of the electrical activity of the heart. Traditionally this is in the form of a transthoracic (across the thorax or chest) interpretation of the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time, as detected by electrodes attached to the surface of the skin and recorded or displayed by a device external to the body.[3] The recording produced by this noninvasive procedure is termed an electrocardiogram (also ECG or EKG). It is possible to record ECGs invasively using an implantable loop recorder.An ECG is used to measure the heart’s electrical conduction system.[4] It picks up electrical impulses generated by the polarization and depolarization of cardiac tissue and translates into a waveform. The waveform is then used to measure the rate and regularity of heartbeats, as well as the size and position of the chambers, the presence of any damage to the heart, and the effects of drugs or devices used to regulate the heart, such as a pacemaker.

Most ECGs are performed for diagnostic or research purposes on human hearts, but may also be performed on animals, usually for diagnosis of heart abnormalities or research.

  • Body Fat Analyzer – Heal Force Prince 120

    $99.95 $66.00

    Body Fat Analyzer – Heal Force Prince 120

    $99.95 $66.00


    1. Ergonomic Design 
    Small size, coupled with the ergonomically designed handles, makes our body fat analyzer easy to hold and carry around. In addition, this device is aesthetically pleasing.

    2. Ease of Use 
    It takes just several seconds from parameter setting to result display. The measurement can be taken anytime and anywhere.

    3. Reliable Result 
    Our body fat analyzer is designed to calculate the Body Fat Rate according to body's impedance and appropriate parameters like height, weight, age and sex.

    4. Clear Indication
    Full screen data display provides accurate measurement results.

    5. Basal Metabolism (BM) 
    Basal metabolism may change in line with age, body shape, as well as the calorific power consumed everyday. Our body fat analyzer takes into account the balance of actual intake and the total consumption of calorific power during weight loss activities.

    6. Analysis of Corpulent Type
    Based on the combination of Body Fat Rate and BMI value, there are five corpulent types, like emaciated type, standard type, muscle corpulent type, and more. The body fat analyzer can determine the right corpulent type.

    7. Multi-user Measurement 
    The body fat analyzer can store up to groups of personal data in terms of height, weight, age and sex. So, it is suitable for multi-user measurement. It also allows presetting.

    We are a body fat analyzer manufacturer in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including fetal Doppler monitor, medical ceiling supply unit, patient monitor, laboratory centrifuge, and others.

  • Large Adult Cuff


    Large Adult Cuff


    Large Adult Cuff

  • Prince 180B Easy ECG Monitor

    $220.95 $189.99

    Prince 180B Easy ECG Monitor

    $220.95 $189.99

    Heal Force Prince 180B is a compact, portable handy device for patients (or professionals) to record 30 seconds of ECG data anytime or anywhere, comfortably, with or without electrodes.

    Its large, high-resolution LCD display gives clear, easy to read results and is suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, health centres, nursing homes, residential homes, offices etc. It gives accurate and reliable readings at your most convenience if it is for private use. It is also cost effective to health professionals as patients are screened and filtered at this stage before referring them to hospitals.

    Color may vary.

  • Prince 180D – Easy ECG Monitor

    $320.95 $289.95

    Prince 180D – Easy ECG Monitor

    $320.95 $289.95

    After years of studies, Heal Force now introduce our bright new Prince 180D Portable ECG monitor with Advanced Measuring Technology, bring users more accurate, more informative & more efficient homecare experience.

    8 hours continuous waveform storage for 3-channel ECG monitoring.
    24 hours continuous waveform storage for mono-channel ECG monitoring

    Designed for taking your electrocardiogram anytime or anywhere.

    Cardiac events can occur irregularly and not during the doctor's office. By having Prince 180D, the condition can be captured and saved for later analysis by a doctor. The best time to take a reading is when you are not feeling well and experienced some warning signs of heart attack.

    • Portable and easy to operate
    • Full-color OLED display
    • Advanced measuring technology provides steady and accurate ECG waveforms
    • Analysis and reports 19 types of suggestive results
    • PC data management software for data transmission and analysis
    • 24 hours continuous monitor record
    • Chest lead & limb lead measure available.

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  • Small Adult Cuff


    Small Adult Cuff


    Small Adult Cuff